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Ultimate Afternoon Tea Party Guide

We want your tea party to go off without a hitch, so we've created our ultimate guide for setting your tea table. We've compiled a list of everything the perfect tea party host should offer and why.

Let's start with the crockery essentials; a teapot to serve your choice of tea, you'll also want a milk jug and sugar bowl, to give your guests the choice of how to take their tea. You'll need a teacup and saucer per person and perhaps a couple spare if you intend to serve different types of tea. You'll need a side plate per person for your guests to eat their dainty finger sandwiches and cakes, you may also want to have a few extra as some guests may like a fresh plate for sweets after savouries. You'll also need a tiered cake stand to display your afternoon tea delights, a stand should always be filled with sandwiches on the bottom, scones on the middle and cakes at the top. You may need a large cake serving plate if you intend to serve a large cutting cake.

Afternoon Tea

Now let's move onto the cutlery; for each person you'll need a teaspoon so they can stir milk or sugar into their tea. You should offer a butter knife for scones and a cake fork, dainty cakes at afternoon tea should be consumed with a small pastry or cake fork rather than fingers. If you're serving loose leaf tea, you'll also require a tea strainer to catch any stray leaves, if you are serving a variety of teas, you'll want one strainer per type to so that one flavour is not tainted by another. You may also wish to consider serving tongs or a cake slice, so that fingers are not used to serve and if you are serving sugar cubes then a pair of sugar tongs will be essential.

Teacup, tea strainer and teaspoon.

There are a few other finishing touches you may wish to consider, such as a pretty tablecloth to protect your table from spills and napkins, either linen or pretty paper ones, for your guests to brush away crumbs. A preserve pot and spoon always look so much prettier than a jam jar on your tea table and finally, you are likely to find yourself carrying between the kitchen and the tea table, so a tray is a must but ensure it is a pretty one!

Tea Party Tray

Now then, have we forgotten anything, do you think you have everything you need for the perfect tea party? If you need any suggestions, we're always here to help, email us on hello@bonnyandblithe.co.uk.

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